Creating & Editing a Voice Mail Box

As the administrator with an administrator password, you have the ability to delete a mailbox and create a new box. This is recommended when an employee leaves the company and a new employee takes the same desk. This clears out all the old employees greetings, messages and settings and returns the mailbox to the default setting. This is also recommended if you have a problem with a particular mailbox. Just delete and rebuild and the problem should be resolved. The user will need to redo their greetings.

  1. Press the Voice Mail key, dial POUND 6 STAR 999
  2. Enter password, if requested, followed by #
  3. Dial 4, Dial 1, Dial 1
  4. Prompt, “Enter the mailbox number” Enter the extension number or mailbox number you wish to create or edit, Press 2 to accept. Note, they are usually the same unless you are making a ghost box)
  5. Prompt, “Owners name is not recorded, to change press 1, to accept press 2″ (it’s not necessary to record here, press 2)
  6. Prompt, “Owners Extension is not recorded”, enter the SAME extension number as step one, press 2 to accept
  7. Prompt, “No letters of the owners last name have been entered”, Press 1 to change, enter the first 3 or 4 letters of last name (Spell on dial pad) press 2 to accept. NOTE: If your voice mail is set for spell by first name, enter the first 2 or 3 letters of the first name here and also in the next step. That’s right, the first name in both places.
  8. Prompt, “No letters of the owners first name have been entered”, Enter the first 2 or 3 letters of first name (Spell on dial pad) press 2 to accept
  9. Prompt, “Class of Service Number is X” Most mailboxes are COS 1, press 2 to accept
  10. Prompt, “Interview mailbox is not assigned” Press 2 to accept (follow prompts)
  11. Prompt, “All calls transfer to mailbox is disabled” Normally left as DISABLE, press 2 to accept. If you change it, calls will go directly to mailbox without ringing phone first and message waiting light will not light. When you create a ghost box this parameter is set to ENABLE. Ghost Box:: A mailbox with no telephone extension usually an outside representative.
  12. Prompt, Message Waiting Lamp etc., ENABLED press 2
  13. Prompt, Device notification etc., DISABLED press 2
  14. Prompt, External Message Delivery etc., DISABLED press 2
  15. Prompt, Auto forwarding etc., DISABLED press 2

When satisfied with recording, press STAR STAR STAR to exit or POUND 6 for another function