This is a friendly warning to all our customers who have Panasonic voice mail systems. Due to the recent high instance of fraud currently going on, we strongly recommend that you change the main password to your voice mail systems for main manager box 998 to something other than the default pass code. Hackers are getting into the phone systems through the main box using the default pass code to make local, long distance, and international calls leaving you with the exorbitant bill! A few seconds can save you a lot of money, headache, and hassle!


To change your pass code:

Press Voice Mail Key

Press #6*998

Enter your pass code ( Default 1234# )

Press 3

Press 1

Enter your new Pass code followed by the # sign

Press 2

Hang up


If you would like us to keep your pass code on file, E-Mail us direct, fax us, or call us to keep it secure. This is helpful in the event of staff changes or emergency fixes to the system in which the technician will need the code to access the voice mail.


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